Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sentimental Ornamental

Forget Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Here are a few of my favorite things: Ornaments!

The Bearded Mermaid and The Frog Prince

Ornaments are particularly special because of a holiday tradition I’ve celebrated with my former college roommate for over 30 years. Every year since our college days we’ve done an ornament exchange which has become a yearly family celebration. I’m not talking about the most beautiful or ornate ornaments, I’m talking about the quirky, bizarre, where-the-heck-did-you-find-that? kind of ornaments.

Fancy Hippy Cow and The Old (mer)Maid

Goin' Hog Wild

I am always torn between a beautifully decorated and a sentimental tree. Each year part of me wants a themed and color coordinated tree that makes a design statement. My children, however, love the sentimentality of all the collected ornaments and insist that Christmas wouldn't be the same without them.

The Man from the East and Camel

King Tut and The Sock Monkey

Whatever your style, the ornament exchange is a great way to create memories that will keep you, your family, and friends talking for years to come.
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