Monday, January 10, 2011

Organize in Style

It’s a new year and it seems like all the clutter from last year has accumulated everywhere. Forget spring cleaning. I like to get everything organized and back in order to start the New Year off on a clean slate.

Most things get misplaced and cluttered because they’re homeless. Give those items in your space a home but use them in a non-traditional way. For example, in my living room I always need something to write with, but who wants a desk receptacle in their living room? Instead I use an Anglo-Indian porcupine box to house pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

In my office, in addition to a traditional desk organizer I use a small tonsu chest. It is out of the ordinary to have in an office but is great because of its multiple drawers and compartments. The combination of the black metal mesh pencil receptacles is interesting; I like the combination of new and old.

Here I’ve used an antique Chinese box to house rulers and stencils.

This blue and white Chinese jar has been turned into a receptacle for scissors, rulers, and an drafting brush.

I love this antique iron urn. It’s got so much intrigue to it and at the same time does a wonderful job of housing my rolls of drafting tissue.

This wicker suitcase is great to have around. It adds a worldly, traveled feeling to a room but doubles as a storage compartment.

Cigar boxes are another great re-purposed storage unit. They add color and character to any office. I've used them since my art-school days to house some of my paint supplies.

This antique burl wood and marquetry box is a great place to store cords and chargers so they're out of the way.

In place of traditional paperweights I like to use quartz crystals and river stones. They bring a hint of nature into the room.

In what ways have you re-purposed items in your home? I'd love to know!