Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY: Festive Succulent Arrangements

A big thanks to Ahn-Minh Le for my article in the SF Chronicle Home Section this past Sunday, Dec. 12! If you missed it, here’s a recap on how to make your own succulent arrangements at home!

Step 1: Gather your succulent arrangement components and group them on your workspace for a smooth assembly. I’m using succulents, eucalyptus, pyracantha or holly berries, crabapples, rose hips, and red and white roses and greens.

Step 2: Make your vase. I’ve recycled an aluminum can and used it for my vase. Glue or tape a strip of brown paper around the can and then wrap red ribbon around it, securing it once again with either glue or double-faced tape. Tie it together with a string of raffia for an authentic-handmade look.

Step 3: Assemble the succulent arrangements making sure that the succulents dominate the bouquet. The berries, crabapples, and roses should accent the colors of the succulents, but not draw away from them.

Step 4: Centerpiece. Arrange the bouquets on the table and create your table’s centerpiece. If you have small votive candles, place them on the table near the arrangements but keep them a safe distance away for fire safety. If you can’t have open flames I suggest flameless flickering electric candles. They look great without the fire risk!

To bring everything together, use a small succulent bud and some red ribbon to hold the napkins. This gives the place settings a lovely yet subtle boost of color that ties back into the color themes of the bouquet.

Tip: Because the bouquets are small, don’t feel restricted to just one centerpiece layout. Notice how I’ve arranged them as five separate bouquets running down the center of the table as opposed to the grouped look in the first table setting picture.

Voila! An easy (and resourceful) way of creating a fun table setting for the holidays!


  1. I love the top photo, Cecilie! Very inspiring article too. I have some succulents on my coffee table, now I'll add some festive items to them.

  2. Great article! I'm gonna try this out this week for my dinner party on Friday evening. It looks so pretty and is so easy to do. I love it!

  3. Very creative! I can find most of these plants out my back door! I am going to try it too.