Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flea Market Style

I love visiting the Alameda, California Flea Market on the first Sunday of the month. The atmosphere is festive and communal. I like to go early when there are few people and more wonderful things. Found these adorable Park City, Utah boys, Dustin Rowser and Chris Brady from They travel through France and pick up all kinds of wonderful linen textiles and galvanized finds.

These are 100% linen grain sacks. They come sewn into a sack or woven in a flat panel. The panels with the black stripe are the most rare and desirable. I love them for pillows, upholstery or table runners.

I like these patchwork and stenciled pillows from another booth.

This booth is featured Santos. I love how weathered and worn they are. Sometimes the hands and heads are missing. The were made to be detachable so one could pray with them. They look great in a natural interior or a very modern setting.

Industrial boxes make great storage. In the next photo, a roof turbine was cleverly transformed into a chandelier.

Gears make wonderful wall art. Vary the size and color for interest.

Persimmons in a galvanized bin looked smashing with the weathered table and bright orange legs to match the persimmons. This would be beautiful with pomegranates or lemons.

John Dickinson, one of my favorite truly unique California 60's product designer lives on in this inspired table with plumbing pipes for legs topped with weathered wood and an old leather suitcase

"Flea Fashion" at it's best. Having been a fashion designer for many years, this is a favorite part. I love this! How wonderful it is to see these flea enthusiasts taking the time to stylishly dress for the occasion! It is said that fashion is a couple of years ahead of interiors. Here's to the future.

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